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Sydney's Without Wings are the sound of progressive, atmospheric rock in Australia – part of the next generation of bands inspired by forerunners like Karnivool and The Butterfly Effect. The band commands an impressively full dynamic range – able to change tempo in a heartbeat and step effortlessly from gentle moments to a crushing heaviness. Driven by the exemplary musicianship and chemistry between Kyle Turner, Roger Wehbe, Chris Grumley, Shaun Cooper and Simon Cleary; Without Wings' music can be invitingly simple or flat-out impressive in its complex creativity.


Catharsis, the band's debut EP, speaks volumes about the extended level of creativity and musicianship in Without Wings, and their ability to write engaging, beautiful songs. From the powerful sing-along chorus of opening track Legacy (Beyond My Reach), to the frighteningly precise rhythms of Under The Surface, to the dichotomy of guitar sounds in The Longest Night; Catharsis is an incredibly refined first release. Highly expressive, each member of Without Wings adds an essential fingerprint to every musical movement – from the delicate restraint of The Fall, to the grand epic of Fire – and as its final note fades out, Catharsis seems perfectly titled.

A solo project that naturally grew into a full band; Without Wings are the very product of progression themselves, so it feels inevitable that their music will strengthen and evolve over time, as each player adds new ideas, directions and tones. Walking into an established genre with their own identity, whilst still paying homage to its leaders, Without Wings are an exciting sign of things to come in Australian music.